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We are often asked what places we would recommend, whether it be for a relaxing coffee, quick lunch, casual or formal dinner, and sweets and treats in our neighborhood – We’ve listed some favorites here.

Beaucoup BakeryBeaucoupBakery_aboutBeaucoup_image

Mouthwatering pastries! Delicious coffee.
Small but cozy. Seating for 16.

2150 Fir Street at 6th (one blk west of Granville)



Farmer’s ApprenticeFarmers, 1535 west 6th

Banquet seating, Fresh fresh fresh.
Reservations recommended.

1535 West 6th Ave.



caffe barneyCaffe-Barney-south-granville-fod-and-drink-directory-1150x445-700x441

Friendly, casual and relaxed. Beverages, snacks and light meals.

2975 Granville




Salade de fruits salade de fruits

Authentic French and Quebecois food,
C’est magnifique! 

On 7th ave btwn Granville & Fir St.


Vij’s Vijs-Restaurant-south-granville-directory-1150x444-700x441

A must in Vancouver!  The finest authentic and original Indian food.

1480 W 11th ave at Granville



Vij’s Rangoli  Rangoli-food-and-drink-south-granville-directory-1150x444-700x441

Next door to Vij’s exceptional restaurant is
Rangoli Market with take out meals as well as seating.

1488 W 11th



 Meinhardt’s Meinhardt-Fine-Foods-south-granville-directory-1150x444-700x441

Everything you need in a neighbourhood market store. Lots of imported goodies. Extensive take out counter and delicious desserts!

Corner of 14th & Granville



Heirloom heirloom-vegetarian-restaurant-south-granville-vancouver-IMG_6852-700x441

Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurant using thoughtfully chosen organic, fairly traded ingredients.  Hmmm tasty.

1509 West 12th at Granville

Visit Heirloom Juice Co. too for fresh healthy goodness. 


W E S T West-Restaurant-plus-Bar-south-granville-directory-1150x444-700x441

One of Vancouver’s top restaurants. Outstanding contemporary regional cuisine and seamless service.

2881 Granville at 13th.