Jessica Korderas

Jessica Korderas creates three dimensional dioramas that she meticulously constructs through painting and drawing, which are then cast, layer upon layer, into a block of resin. The process is slow, time consuming and unforgiving. 

In the new series, “Cabins”, Korderas  plays with identical spaces depicting wildly varied scenes to explore the differences and similarities between people’s lives.  

She chose the ubiquitous ‘cabin’ because they have such strong and wide ranging associations, and these works look at various tropes related to cabins. While the scenes are vastly different from piece to piece, the spaces are identical forcing them into the same world.

Utopia #2, resin & mixed media, 10.5″ x 10″ x 2″

One of the larger works is Utopia #2, 2014 (above).  Korderas created a world that reflects and examines human desires, goals, fears and failures and how individual ideals are forced to coexist in one society, often at odds with one another.

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