Artist talk:  Saturday June 16, at 1 pm.  Susannah Montague will lead an informal tour of the exhibition.

Reception to follow.

(please note: the Artist Talk will be filmed.) 

Susannah Montague’s art is as humorous as it is subversive. Her pieces are a daydream in clay, wryly communicating the intransience of the human condition. Stepping into her studio is like discovering an 18th Century Cabinet of Curiosity.  Her art is a collection of shamanistic characters which imbibe the peculiar, scientific and mythical qualities involved in creation. Rollicking, cherubic figures wearing masks and antlers frolic among symbols of decay, in a world that is equal parts shadowy and lighthearted. Combined the images evoke a whimsical narrative of folk tales, childhood fantasies, dreams and nightmares.


The Skull of Artemis

Montague’s meaning is her message. It’s fitting that her raw material is clay, taken from the earth, lovingly molded, fired, and finally made into deliciously delicate porcelain that will – inevitably – return to the earth. Ashes to ashes. This cyclical perception of time is enhanced by her rediscovery of a forgotten medium, busting with the floral blooms of porcelain past and decorated with all the excesses of a lost century. Even as it is born, each piece has somehow curiously already died away.

Ultimately, viewing a Susannah Montague piece is a bit like falling down a rabbit hole and feeling in turn terrified and utterly charmed. 

Susannah Montague is a British born, Bowen Island based ceramic sculptor. She earned her BFA from Emily Carr University and the Ontario College of Art and Design University.

Selected images