December 1 – 23, 2016

Opening Reception:  Thursday December 1, 5 – 8 PM


Vacationers, 2016, collage on paper, 13″ x 10.5″

We each consume a place differently. Whether simply resting in public spaces or attractions, filling tour bus seats or obsessively taking photos, we capture, collect and consume the environments we visit. The collages of Travellers expose the moments when the personal and public, the fragmented and integrated merge while offering a painterly representation of the light and texture found in the environments we travel to. With this example of McNeil’s figurative collage work, she contemplates the complex scenario of travel and travellers today.

Travel is an educational tool. Travel can represent joy, enlightenment and pilgrimage, while in some cases, simultaneously depleting the world of its natural resources and threatening ancient cultures and traditions.

McNeil writes —  This collage series was fueled by Elizabeth Becker’s comprehensive analysis of tourism in “Overbooked,” my many travel podcast subscriptions, playing on loop in the studio, and most importantly, my on-going desire to study my position as “visitor”, “traveller” or “tourist.” Much of my collage work, as you may have realized, is the result of a serious case of wanderlust! While I find comfort and an endless source of inspiration in my Strathcona neighborhood, the re-invigorating opportunities of travel are much to hard to pass up. I travel to study the texture and light of new places. I want that sensory-overload to spark new growth in my artistic practice. The chaotic, mundane and inspirational world of travel will be represented in this exhibition of new collages and a growing 3-dimensional installation piece.

Selected works