APRIL 4 – 25, 2015


Closing Reception with Phung Noi Fong:  Saturday April 25th, from 1 PM.

We are delighted to present “Celebration of Simplicity” a solo exhibition by international award-winning photographer Phung Noi Fong. The exhibition is curated by Launie Fairbairn, who is a Partner at ABC Photo in Vancouver.

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For her inaugural Vancouver exhibition we are delighted to feature Phung Noi Fong’s recent images of China, Taiwan and Vietnam.

In choosing the title “Celebration of Simplicity”, Phung describes simplicity as a form that can only be achieved through the disciplined removal of the non-essential. She writes “I try to see past the complexity of motion to capture the subject in their most evident and indispensable moment. Like a sculptor chisels away to reveal the sculpture hidden within the stone, I remove all elements of a frame until the heart of the subject is exposed, raw and emotionally honest.

Although the realistic vivacity of my images can mislead the eye towards a literal view of the subject, realism is not my only goal; my photography communicates the emotive power of simplicity itself. Whole worlds are suggested through the scarcest of details, suspended in time while belying their timelessness. Remove one element, and the frame collapses. Simplicity, at its most essential, is the true essence of beauty.”

Phung Noi Fong, ARPS, PPSA, Hon F.HCPS is an international award-winning photographer, born in Vietnam to Chinese immigrants. While studying journalism at the University of Taiwan, she was a student to renowned photographer Master Chin-San Long. Phung became the youngest and the first woman to become a permanent member of the Chinese Photographic Society, Taiwan. Phung has spent her career on a photographic pilgrimage through out Asia. She has long desired to capture the native essence of the regions in a fresh and intimate way, and she achieves this by photographing on horseback, on foot and by boat.

Named to the PSA’s (Photographic Society of America) “Who’s Who In Photography – North America – Top 5”, her awards include: Best of Show – International Salon, and more than twenty five Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals from prestigious photographic societies around the world. At the young age of 72, Phung passionately continues her journey behind the lens.