Jeroen Witvliet

Witvliet’s new Sighting paintings are mostly without human presence. An empty stadium bleacher, a forest without seemingly any human activity are presented on larger format canvasses and speak of what has been, touching on memory of events and history. Informed by a film never made and therefore only existing as a phantom, the imagery is strangely silent, almost like waiting for the next episode to take place.

The painted surfaces shift constantly as if they were slowly fainting memories being replaced by different interpretations and a new way to mediate the visible world. Many times the surface is darkened and reduced to an almost monochromatic surface where everything and nothing takes place. Often the image becomes obscured as if a filter has been applied. The surface of the painting can vary in quality from smooth and flat to scraped and textural, referential to film stills or the intensity of more expressionist mark making.

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