Anda Kubis

In the digital realm experience is virtual. I paint in an alluring world within the machine where the tools of my production fully absorb my attention. My touch, translated to the screen, explores the infinitesimal possibilities of colour and simulated form. This work relates to an era when the objective was to create a contemplative and meditative painting yet we live in a time quite different from that now. My process is improvisational, wildly playful and endlessly iterative but there is the point when decisions must be made. The artwork is, of course evidence of my judgment, yet what interests me is the impact of the creative act neurologically, bodily, and societally.  – Anda Kubis

Anda Kubis is the Associate Dean of Outreach and Innovation in the Faculty of Art at OCAD University. In this role she manages and develops the many external relationships that support rich opportunities for students and faculty members in the Faculty of Art. With degrees from Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and York University, Kubis is a recognized abstract painter that works in expanded digital, material, and traditional processes. Due to the prominence of colour in her work, Kubis’ research considers how a conscious engagement with aesthetics and creativity positively impact human flourishing and quality of life.


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